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This website was designed to give people facts about the use of Chlorine Dioxide (CD) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) - bleach;  a torturous and unsuccessful "treatment," (See Sceptics tab) that innocent children are being inflicted with, as an attempt to "cure" their autism.

In the short term, it can cause: vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, terrible skin rashes,  nails to erode, hair to fall out,
gum disease, destroys good bacteria, and lowers sodium and blood pressure to dangerous levels. Long term, it can adversely affect major organs such as the liver and kidneys (See Effects Tab).

The history of the infamous Jim Humble; who started a scam promoting 'MMS' as a cure for almost all illnesses, and the establishment of the GENESIS ll church
, can be found here. He used the "church" to promote this quackery, which allowed him to become a billionaire tax-free.


Kerri Rivera, continued the MMS scam in her book, "Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism." This book suggests that autism can be cured by undertaking a very dangerous protocol using Chlorine Dioxide - Bleach -  labelled as MMS. She  developed websites, and Facebook groups to promote this practice.  Her illegal and dangerous protocol , involves taking MMS orally and through enemas. She makes ridiculous  claims that there is a worm known as the "rope worm" that causes autism, and eradicating these worms will cure children of autism. Her bleach enema treatments actually cause intestinal lining to be passed, as proven by scientists. She claims this internal lining is rope worms, which don't exist (See more).

There are many reasons why parents are so easily conned into ridiculous scams, including MMS, and engage in these treatments, which can be  ineffective or  dangerous. These parents are vulnerable due to being told incorrectly that autism is an illness that can be cured, which can be the beginning of distorted thinking and psychological phenomenons, such as Munchausen Syndrome  by Proxy (See more) and The Placebo Effect (See more).  


We will keep you up to date with any information we can gather, regarding the use of MMS and other dangerous treatments on children. This will include news reports,  scientific information, and  prosecutions of those selling , and manufacturing.


Stopping  these treatments  involves understanding of the causes of autism, realising that autism is a neurodifference ; a difference in neurology, rather than an illness or disease, and is not a negative thing, or something that needs to be cured.

Please support us in stopping MMS and other dangerous "treatments" (Help Us tab) and educating people to understand that the only cure for autism is autism acceptance.

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***Petition Amazon to Remove the book 'Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism' from your sellers list. ***

****Please participate in this petition to stop Amazon selling this book, as this 'treatment' to 'heal' Autism,  has dangerous health implications for the most vulnerable of children, and has no evidence that it works *****