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Worms And Enemas



According to these 'specialists'; who purchased their doctorates, autism is caused by parasites festering within the body, from all those nasty pesticides in food, and vaccinations your children are exposed to. The CD / MMS treatment will irradicate these nasty bugs, healing your worm infected Autistic child, making him "Normal". Frequent enemas, baths and medication laced in this 'potion', will cleanse the body, and destroy these parasites. After dozens of Enemas, your child will reveal worm-like substances from their intestines. This will be the start of the 'healing process'. 20 months later, your child will be one of the 140 other children who have 'recovered; from Autism.


Is this nonsense?  Yes it is, and here is why:









Various online cd/mms groups on fb, frequently reward us with the sight of their children's bowel movements. Not only is this disgusting, but also quite disturbing. As you can see, they appear to be 'worm' like objects transforming. According to protocol, this is all good. These 'worms' are apparently the dreaded autism parasites. Many of these are desribed as 'rope worm'. Further investigation reveals that this 'discovery, of this worm was found in 2013 (wow that long ago), by 2 men, Dr Nikolai Gubarev and professor Alex Volinsky. The former is difficult to find on a google search, and the latter trained in mechanical engineering (yes Í know, not medically trained). Further investigation reveals that medical doctors have never heard of this worm. In fact, surgeons who specializes in the intestines haven't heard of these worms. To them, these 'worm's are natural mucus called colon mucosa (the lining of the colon), which helps protect the body from bacteria and infection. Therefore, it only proves that stripping the body from this, may actually cause health problems.


Click here for our Worms and parasite page.


For more information:



"Regarding the so-called "rope worms" and their link to autism, I would like to say that there is no such link because there is no such thing as rope worms. They are a fictitious parasite. Whilst intestinal parasitic worms such as Ascaris are real, what people refer to as "rope worms" are generally artifacts following enema use. Harriet Hall at Science-Based and others have debunked this several times over." Regards, Christopher Weir B.Sc(BioMed), M.Mol.Biol, PhD.


Members of these groups however, still seem to believe this myth, even after seeing pictures like this:



















Infact, Rivera's argument about is, kind of turned upside down here in a medical report here stating that some parasites might actually be good for you in curing stomach problems:




Looking closely at the poor people who have actually had parasites present in their body, the child may be really sick, their blood reports will be abnormal, and any actual parasites can quickly be whipped out by taking anti parasite medication. No chlorine Dioxide or enema's needed!! (Please see the use of Enema in the Kerri Rivera tab














Anyway, Riveras protocol reveals ridding all the chemicals from the body, by using these chemicals??? Below are some photos showing some surface physical effects . Please see the Kerri Rivera tab.










Why MMS is not safe:

It kills red blood cells increasing the risk of heart disease.

Its kills vitamin C, essential for  protection against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease.

It causes inflammation in cells, increasing risks of cancer.

It can cause long term respiratory problems.

It removes the colon mucosa, therefore losing the natural protection for bacteria and infection.

Daily enemas cause stress to the anus and rectum.  It can cause the bowel to be unable to perform bowel movements naturally.  They cause electrolyte imbalances, which creates dehydration, sickness and death. Doctors are advised to only give enemas for rarely in children, to avoid psychological problems . Imagine the psychological damage daily enemas can give a child.

Cd causes extreme vomitting, diarrhea and a high temperature, dangerous in itself for young children.

As you can see above, other visual side effects can be apparent.

We can not let this physical and and psychological abuse continue.


All findings and pics here are from the facebook group called CD Autism.    We believe that thousands of families are practising this protocol.


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